The sooner you join,

the more money you make

Advertisers pay for the privilege

of accessing members’ data

More sharing =
A stronger community =
More $ for you

The only Adblocker that PAYS you!

The sooner you join and
help us grow the community,
the more you're paid

As your membership shares grow, you earn more money

How Ourdata Works

Advertisers are making money off the data you're giving away for free

*Your individual data has great value, but the only way to realize that value is through the power of the community. 
So we decided that the greatest rewards should go to earlier members and the ones who grow the community. 

From the Ourdata iPhone app,
invite your friends into the Ourdata community.
For every friend that signs up, you receive
50 bonus shares and they receive 100 bonus shares.

The other adblockers

Your data is making them
TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars –

but they're keeping ALL of it
for themselves

Ourdata will pay 90% of
the profits to YOU,

the Ourdata community

Soon, we'll create partnerships

with advertisers

They will pay to get their ads through
the Ourdata adblocker.

Their ads are the only ones you’ll see. 

The more users, the more
collective power we have!

Ourdata pays YOU
90% of the profits

 The sooner you join and help
us grow the community,
the more you're paid.

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