Do data companies and advertisers really make billions of dollars because of our data?
Yep! Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a good example that explains how one publisher makes money.

How exactly do data companies and advertisers make money off of my data?
Put simply, they analyze the patterns of our web browsing (by looking at tiny bits of data we throw off during that process) to target their advertising to us. As a result, the advertising is FAR more effective and generates LOTS more money.

You mean all the hours I waste spend surfing the internet are valuable despite what my Mom said?
Well, it’s valuable to someone—it’s just that that someone isn’t you. The time you spend browsing is enormously financially valuable to data and advertising companies.  We think it is only fair that you should earn a portion of the billions of dollars it’s worth.

I already use an ad blocker. Why should I switch?
Does your current ad blocker pay you? Unlike other ad blockers that are collecting fees from media companies and keeping it for themselves, we believe the value should go to our community.

Can I use the ad blocker I have and the Ourdata one together?
Not if you want to get paid. In order to be eligible for payments from Ourdata, you must disable all other ad blockers and leave ours on.

Does it cost me anything to join Ourdata?
No, and it never will.

How do I sign up, or become a member of the Ourdata community?
Click "Create a free account" at the top of this page to create an account by downloading our Chrome extension, iOS app, or sign up to reserve your shares (Android coming soon!).

Why do you ask me for my mobile number after I register?
We use Digits, a secure service from Twitter, to verify that you are a real human.

I get an error message when using Digits (the secure service we use to verify your identity). Now what?
That stinks. We're sorry for the hassle. Twitter manages Digits so you need to do a few steps to log out and log back into Digits. Here’s how: Go to and click the upper left hand corner drop down menu. Select manage account. Enter your phone number and the subsequent code. That will take you to the settings page. Scroll down to the section labeled deactivate. Select deactivate. Now you can try to verify Ourdata again. If that doesn’t work, there will also be an opportunity to verify via email which usually arrives a day after you register. This is separate from the welcome email you get right away that has your referral code in it.

How do I install the ad blocker?
It’s simple. Go to settings, then find safari, click content blockers and then select Ourdata. Click the slider to enable Ourdata. That’s it. Here is a short video to help.

I installed the app but I am still seeing ads, what gives?
Try going to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers and turn off Ourdata. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on. Quit the Safari app by pressing the Home button twice, then swiping up on the Safari screen. Reopen Safari and it should begin working.

How does the ad blocker work?
Our adblocker is more accurately called a content blocker, which means that as long as it is enabled you won’t see ads and companies won’t be able to access your data.

Does Ourdata collect my data?
We collect the minimal amount of information we need to 1) establish how much partners pay us so we can refund that money to you, and 2) establish how much to refund to you.

What do you mean by consumer data union?
Think about how 20th century labor unions came about. The inequity created between factory owners and factory workers in the Industrial Revolution made collectivism valuable (each worker individually didn’t have much clout but once they all got together they were able to demand and receive safer work environments, higher wages, and benefits).

With a consumer data union, it’s the same concept, but the revolution is in digital technology instead of industrialization. Data and media companies are collecting vast amounts of our valuable data. We as individuals are powerless to reap the value of that data--even though without us, it wouldn’t exist. Ourdata is the organizing group that will advocate on your behalf to get your fair share of the billions of dollars of value of all our data. The bigger we are as a community, the more negotiating power we have with those who are making money off of us.

How will you get data companies to pay?
Easy, they already are. Don’t take our word for it though, see what Business Insider wrote about it. You can read about it here.

Large media companies are already paying other ad blockers to get their content through. We actually see ourselves as a bridge between media companies and consumers. Our incentives to grow and share the community will build this ability.

When will I get paid?
The first step is to grow the community. The larger the Ourdata community the more value we can return to consumers. Once we reach a critical mass of users, we will forge partnerships with advertisers who will pay for access to your data. In the period immediately following the receipt of funds from our advertising partners, we will distribute 90% of the profits to our members on a per share basis.

Will I get paid if I live outside the U.S.?
Of course! We care about fair and therefore, we want everyone to have access to our union and the financial benefits that will follow.

What is the deal with the shares?
These shares are not like common equity shares in a company.

These shares represent your portion of the value that will go to you. Ourdata’s goal is to capture and distribute our portion of the profits that advertisers and data companies are making from your data. You earn shares just for downloading the app and signing up. You earn even more shares every time you get someone else to sign up using your referral code. Got a lot of friends?  When you get five people to sign up, all your bonus shares get doubled.

Is this like a pyramid scheme?
Nope, not a pyramid scheme. Think about us as a distributed network. We are building a consumer data union. And, like any other union, our power comes from the size of our member base (community). So our only goal right now is to grow the community. And, since the value of our community comes from its size, we really thought we should reward those people and groups that help us grow as quickly as possible.  

Does it really pay to refer my friends?
Absolutely! Every time you refer a friend you get 50 bonus shares. When you get to 5 referrals, you earn an extra 50 shares per referral. Plus, all the people you referred get their bonus shares doubled too. Talk about good Karma.

How do I make my value go up?
We believe that the value of each share is almost completely dependent on the size of our community. Therefore, in the spirit of fairness, we believe that the people who joined us early and the ones who help us grow the community are generating the most value, so we devised a system to reward them. The value of your shares is dependent on how many you have and the value of each share. That’s why we show our next milestone on the dashboard in the iOS app. The more members, the more collective value we have as the Ourdata community.

How do I earn more shares?
Sign up earlier and share often! Share your referral code with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to realize the most value from your membership. When you get to 5 referrals, you earn an extra 50 per referral.

What do you mean when you say you are a benefit corporation?
A Benefit corporation is a legal designation that basically means we aren’t selfish jerks. Specifically for us, it means we pledge to share 90% of Ourdata profits with our members. You can learn a lot more by reading this.

What if I want to donate my shares to charity?
Wow--your generosity is awesome! We are working on functionality to make it easy for you to donate your shares to charity. For now, use your favorite charity’s referral code so they get referral shares when you sign up. You can also share your charity’s code with your friends and family to support them even more. Don’t see a referral code for your charity of choice? Reach out to them and ask them to download the app and sign up with us to get your referral bonus.

Is the dollar value guaranteed?
The value is not guaranteed, however, we are estimating the value of shares based on several factors. The most important one is the size of the community. The larger we grow, the more power we have and the more value we can get back for the community.

Questions about our new Chrome Extension

What's with all the warnings when I download the Ourdata Chrome Extension?
All the information we collect is used to pay you. We need to know you aren’t using another ad blocker. After all, if you choose to get paid for your attention and data, it’s only fair that the ad platforms have access to it..

Why does the Ourdata extension icon have numbers next to it?
Those numbers represent the number of ads being blocked. When you don’t see any numbers, you are on a whitelisted site or there are no ads on the page.

Why does the Ourdata extension icon sometimes go from color to black and white?
The color of the icon tells you whether you are have enabled or disabled blocking. You can enable or disable blocking by clicking the icon and clicking the large button. Some sites, like banks, require you to disable the blocker to work well.

Why does the Ourdata extension icon have a red $ and / over it?
This is our way of gently reminding you to create an account. We are happy you downloaded our extension but in order for us to pay you, we have to know who you are. These overlays will disappear once you click on the icon and create or sign in to your Ourdata account.

Why does the Ourdata extension icon have numbers next to it? Color or black & white?
And what’s the deal with the red $ and /? Well, we are trying to give you information about both ad blocking and account creation status.

  1. If you have NOT created an account (FB, email/password), then you will see the the red $ and /. We are trying to represent to you that you cannot be earning money until you create an account. Once you create an account  the red $ and / will disappear.
  2. The colored icon = ad blocking enabled; the b&w icon = ad blocking disabled.
  3. The number on the bottom left represents the number of ads that were blocked in “ad blocking enabled” mode

What do all the buttons on bottom of plug-in drop down mean?
They are for greater user control. For each site, you can toggle the following blocking functions:

  1. Pop-ups
  2. Large media elements
  3. Cosmetic filtering
  4. Remote fonts

You can also check the logger to see your blocking history and finally, the bottom left is the “Gear/Settings” button which launches a new browser tab that gives you a full dashboard and several tabs on each functionality.

Even after I create an account or login, I still see the red $ and /. Why?
It’s a quirk of the browser. Please just refresh the tab and you will see the icon go to appropriate state.

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