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Ourdata has several core beliefs

  1. Consumers’ data has both enormous financial and strategic value.
  2. Consumers should retain control of and benefit from their data.
    1. They should be able to monetize their data and receive financial benefit from it.
    2. They should also be able to decide whether their data is shared or not.
    3. In other words, “Your data, your way”.
  3. Only by organizing on a large, global scale, in the form of a consumer data union, will consumers be able to achieve the the combination of both the fairest split of the value of that data and the greatest control over their data
  4. While not a non-profit, we believe that we should be doing this primarily for the community and its members. As such, we formed as a public benefit corporation so that we would be clear about our good intentions, build trust and maintain transparency.
  5. Joining Ourdata should be open to EVERYONE and it should be FREE!

Ourdata is acting as your data broker or agent.

  1. We are not in the business of storing data. We will not sell any of your data. We will only keep data (e.g. username and password etc.) to be able to connect with and determine eligibility to pay you.
  2. We will negotiate on behalf of the community. Ourdata pledges to share 90% of the profits with the community.
  3. Please do not create duplicate accounts. We want everyone to be treated fairly and that means community members need to treat each other fairly. When it comes time to distribute funds to our members, if we find duplicate accounts under one single entity/name/taxpayer ID, we will retain the option to cancel the account and also not distribute any and all funds earmarked to that party.
  4. In order to be eligible for payment from Ourdata for your shares, you need to always be running the Ourdata app in the background to ensure that you have “unblocked” the paying advertisers AND that you are NOT running any other ad blockers on your smartphone.

Ourdata community and membership shares

  1. Previous companies have tried to compensate users for the value of their behaviors or their data. They’ve failed for a few basic reasons.
    1. Compensating direct behaviors perverted the behavior and made them inauthentic.
    2. Attempting to pay users in real time with dividends was like a startup paying dividends. The greatest potential value was the lifetime value.
    3. Ourdata has made an attempt to model that lifetime value using publicly available sources. Like all models, they are simply an estimate and cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Given previous failures in rewarding actual online behaviors, Ourdata feels that members should be allotted shares based on the value they generate in launching and growing the community
    1. The sooner you join, the more shares you receive.
      1. First 10,000 members get 10,000 shares
      2. Next 100,000 member get 9,000 shares
      3. Next 1 million members get 8,000 shares
      4. Next 10 million members get 7,000 shares
      5. Next 100 million members get 2,500 shares
      6. Next 1 billion members get 1,000 shares
      7. All subsequent members get 500 shares
    2. The more you persuade others to join, the more shares you receive:
      1. When you successfully refer someone, you get 50 bonus shares
      2. When someone gets to 5 successful referrals, all original bonuses are doubled and the people you referred get gonis shares too (e.g. 50 bonus shares→ 100 bonus shares)
      3. When someone gets to 100 successful referrals, all original bonuses are tripled (e.g. 50 bonus shares→ 150 bonus shares)
    3. Ourdata also plans on conducting various contests and referrals prizes for our top supporters

Ourdata publisher partners

  1. Ourdata has partnered with publishers to restore balance to the media ecosystem and return some lost revenue to publishers.  
    1. If you come to Ourdata via a publisher partner, in order to get paid, you agree to have that single publisher whitelisted on your account going forward.

    Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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